Digital Detox - No Wifi, No Cell Signal, No Internet, No Social Media


The Maze, Canyonlands National Park, UT

Digital Detox

Every day, the world becomes more and more interconnected. We check our phones even beforfe getting out of bed and stay tethered to them almost all day, every day

Although we have not scientifically studied the effects of digital withdrawal, we anecdotally understand at a deep, personal level just how stressful our devices can be and how necessary it is to detox from screen time.

That's where backpacking comes in. We travel to remote wildernesses where digital devices are renedered largely impotent. No cell signals, no wifi in many destinations. (We do have a satellite phone for emergencies however).


River to River Trail, IL

It takes a few days of hiking to break the compulsion to check your devices. During this transition period, you may experience FOMO, the fear of missing out.

But over time, your priorities shift to getting to camp before dark, staying warm, dry and fed.

Soon, you're going to sleep when it's dark and waking up when it gets light. You have reset your circadian rhythms.

You might even start relaxing a bit, partially from exhaustion but more because most of the worries of the rest of the world can't get in.

Reboot Camp

Even if you are not overwhelmed by digital connectivity, you might just need to re-start. Some therefore refer to Fitpacking as a Reboot Camp.


Yellowstone National Park, WY


It's not lost on us that you are viewing this page on a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Furthermore, these photos were taken by either a mobile phone or digital camera in the wilderness.

Yes, it's a bit ironic but despite the presence of personal electronics in the wilderness, you still have hour after hour of uninterrupted time to enjoy on the trail or chill in camp with little to do but relax and recharge.