White Mountain National Forest, NH

Last Updated 12/26/2008 Note: Trip is limited to 10 participants

New Hampshire's White Mountains are a rugged and beautiful wilderness with enormous granite peaks that rise far above tree line, offering sweeping hundred-mile vistas on clear days. The Whites are also a land of primeval trees, tumbling waterfalls, and charismatic wildlife such as moose. We plan to do some of the premiere day hikes the White Mountains have to offer.

White Mtn. National Forest Sign

This trip is a Day Hiking Only trip. It differs from our traditional backpacking excursions because we spend every night in Cranmore Mountain Lodge instead of camping out. The lodge is a full service facility that provides amenities such as breakfast every morning, wireless internet, and a pool.

Cranmore Mtn. Lodge

By "Day Hiking" we mean that we'll embark upon a series of 6 hikes, one per day for 6 days. Unlike backpacking, we drive to a trailhead every morning and carry only day packs containing a minimum of equipment. Most days we hike 5-10 miles, rain or shine.

View from Mt. Garfield

This trip is ideal for those who want to jump start their fitness regimen or for those individuals who would find backpacking too strenuous. Some participants have summitted the first mountain in their life on this trip. However, no matter what your condtioning level, you will find the week challenging and hopefully enjoyable. Because we're carrying significantly less gear than we would on a backpacking trip, expect body composition change to be more moderate. One other note: This trip is intended for those people who would cannot stand the thought of being without plumbing, electricity, cell phone, and/or internet service.

The White Mountains are a 2 hour drive from the airport in Manchester, NH. Let us know if you plan to fly in and we'll shuttle you from the airport to North Conway, NH.


This trip will take place July 24-31, 2009. The hikes themselves will occur July 25-30, 2009. Here is the proposed itinerary.

We will be hiking to some of the premier mountain destinations in the White Mountains tempered by a flat day of hiking and a day of canoeing. The hikes themselves will include Welch & Dickey Mountians, Fletcher's Cascade, Sabbaday Brook, Mt. Chocura, Lincoln Woods, Franconia Falls, Mt Crawford, and Mt. Washington (6288')

Cathedral Ledge from Echo Lake

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.


$1350 per person double occupancy. Here, double occupancy means that you will share a room in the lodge with another trip participant.

You will be responsible for transportation to North Conway, NH (or Manchester, NH if you plan to fly in) as well as personal equipment, and any restaurant meals. You may also have the option of flying into Boston, MA if you make advance arrangements, but check with us first.

Covered expenses include 7 nights lodging at Cranmore Mountain Lodge (made to order country breakfast included), ground transportation, lunch, guides, permits, National Forest usage fees, insurance, and emergency satellite phone service.


Hiking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform, so we highly discourage skipping meals. Breakfast is provided every day by the lodge and we provide trail mix, Clif/Luna bars, and lunch for every hike. Dinners will be eaten as a group at your own expense at local restaurants. You will not be required to attend these dinners, but it's encouraged.