Olympic National Park

Last Updated 7/20/2008

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Beautiful Olympic National Park is 3 parks in one. See wild sea lions, enormous driftwood and Dali-like sea stacks on the last wild coastal beach in the Continental USA. You’ll then hike through old growth rain forest, redolent fields of lupines, and stupendous views of Mt. Olympus. Cap this off by backpacking windswept ridges above tree line on the way to soothing hot springs.

As an added bonus, you may encounter elk, deer, eagles, black bear, and marmots. You will also be able to feast on wild blueberries, blackberries, and huckleberries.

Mt. Olympus


We don't believe in austere eating regimens. Backpacking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform. Your body will dictate that you eat often. It's important to have fuel to feed it. See what we have planned to eat. Note that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you want to bring a big old chocolate cake, go for it. After carrying it 50 miles through the mountains, your body will most likely not desire the empty calories.


The Olympic National Park Fitpacking Trip will be from July 22 - Aug 3, 2008. Here is the proposed itinerary.

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.

Trip Leaders

Jim Lumpkins, who lives in Morristown, TN has backpacked all 900 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. He has guided several Fitpacking trips, and is a Wilderness Medicine certified Wilderness First Responder.

Brett Vivyan lives in Arcata, Ca, is a Wilderness First Responder and has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. Wow!


$1525 per person double occupancy. Here, double occupancy means that you will share hotel rooms with another trip participant. You may also want to share a tent with someone else. This part isn't a requirement, but it vastly will cut down on weight carried and allow you to enjoy hiking much more.

You will also be responsible for transportation to and from Port Angeles as well as any restaurant meals during off days.

Covered expenses include 3 nights in a hotel, trail food (3 meals per day), ground transportation, permits, satellite phone service, and two amazing guides.


Our journey will begin at Lake Ozette on the Washington coast. We’ll hike the Pacific Coast for 4 days, camping in designated coastal areas where we can watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. After leaving the coast, we'll stay a night in a motel Forks, WA where we can shower, sleep in a bed, and do laundry. The next day, we'll enter the Hoh Rain Forest, where towering old growth trees have been standing for eons. We’ll soon hike above tree line to high alpine ridges with amazing views of Mt. Olympus and the 7 lakes region. We'll hike over Appleton Pass, to the Olympic Hot Springs for a well deserved wilderness soak.