Mt. Rainier National Park

Last Updated 8/20/2008

Trip Limited to 10 Participants

The beauty of Mt. Rainier National Park will leave you speechless. Whether it's the alpine lakes, temperate rainforest, charismatic megafauna, redolent lupines and other wildflowers, active glaciers, or the massive monolithic mountain itself, Mt. Rainier is awe-inspiring.

Mt. Rainier National Park awards only 5 commercial backpacking permits every year. Fatpacking has been awarded one of them, so this is one of your few chances to participate in a guided backpacking trip to this famed destination.

We will be hiking the less visited Northern Loop Trail as well as small sections of the famed Wonderland Trail on our 6-day hike, where we may encounter elk, deer, eagles, pikas, black bear, and marmots. Experience the timeless wonder of Mt. Rainier with us during the short, relatively dry and temperate season.

Mt. Rainier


We don't believe in austere eating regimens. Backpacking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform. Your body will dictate that you eat often. It's important to have fuel to feed it. See what we have planned to eat. Note that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you want to bring a big old chocolate cake, go for it. After carrying it 50 miles through the mountains, your body will most likely not desire the empty calories.


The Mt. Rainier National Park Fatpacking Trip will be from Aug 30 - Sep 6, 2008. Here is the proposed itinerary.

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.

Trip Leaders

Steve Silberberg, who lives in Hull, MA has many years of backpacking experience over a variety of terrains and guides most Fatpacking trips. He is a SOLO certified Wilderness First Responder. He has hiked the entire Wonderland Trail that circumnavigates Mt. Rainier, but only about half of our planned route.

Erika Storbeck lives in Shorline, WA and grew up backpacking, sea kayaking and snowboarding in the North Cascades. She is a NOLS Outdoor Educator and LNT Master Educator who spent 22 consecutive days in the Grand Tetons and 30 consecutive days in the Canyonlands, UT backcountry.


$1025 per person double occupancy. Here, double occupancy means that you will share hotel rooms with another trip participant. You may also want to share a tent with someone else. This part isn't a requirement, but it vastly will cut down on weight carried (and privacy) but allow you to enjoy hiking with a lighter load.

You will also be responsible for getting to and from Seattle as well as any restaurant meals during off days.

Covered expenses include 2 nights in a hotel, all trail food (3 meals per day), ground transportation, permits, satellite phone service, and two amazing guides.


Our journey will begin at White River Campground on the East side of Mt. Rainier. We’ll quickly climb up to Glacier Meadows and head towards the North Loop Trail. We'll stay at Lake Eleanor and go by Redstone Peak before we drop down to the Carbon Glacier. Eventually we'll climb up through beautiful alpine Spray Park before ending our trek at Mowich Lake.

Please note that this is one of our most difficult and advanced trips.