Olympic National Park Trip

Last Updated 9/6/2007

Trip Photos

Appleton Pass in the rain

Cristina on the Great Divide

Cristina Flexes the guns

Roger and his cigar in Olympic hot springs

Fawn close-up

Group Eating Lunch

Elk in Hoh Rain Forest

Mount Olympus

Cristina leads the way

Cristina eats sushi

Group on Driftwood

Heather Makes Lunch

Rough Weather on the way

Steve lounging

Thumbs up Cris!

Beach Fire at Yellow Banks

Cloudy Sunset

Hazy Seastack


Seastack at Cedar Creek

Beach Fire

Cedar Creek Camp

Daytime Ocean View

Ominous Sunset

Roger Sets Up Camp

Snow in August!

Black Bear (look closely)

High Divide

Hoh Lake

The Lunch Girls

View of Olympus from campsite

Sara after swimming

Sara and Tom

Seven Lakes Region

Uli used his bug net a lot

Uli in front of Mt. Olympus

Uli swims in frigid water

Roger climbs steep embankment

Sea Stacks

Steve is Falling

Tom Breaks Footbridge

Tom on the Great Divide

Uli on the Great Divide

Nice hair Uli!

Wendy is pumped

Sunset from Yellow Banks

Tom and Uli

Cristina and Roger build a fire

Dali-like ocean reflection

Dramatic Sunset

The Ocean looking like the Moon

Rialto Beach Camp

Roger and Cris at Rialto

Tom and Roger at fire during sunset

Uli at the fire

Wendy and Steve on tidal flats

Group at Hoh Trailhead

Glacier fed Hoh River

Tall Spruce

Cristina sits

Sunrise over Hoh River

Making Pizza

Tom after swimming

Cat Peak


More bug nets

Sara and Cris

Sara Dining

Steve Dining

Uli and Heart Lake

Cris smoking a cigar

Hot springs!

Hot springs!