Redwood National Park

Last Updated 8/27/2006

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Only 3% of the Redwoods that originally blanketed the Pacific Coast still stand. While old growth redwoods still exist, come walk through time in beautiful Redwood National Park where . groves of leviathan trees that are centuries or even millenia old and can grow more than 300' tall.

Our trip will take us along the California Coastal Trail through Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. You may see herds of regal Roosevelt Elk, catch glimpses of whales from scenic outlooks high above the pacific, or perhaps see a bear. If you've never seen the Pacific Coast or a Redwood Tree, this is the trip for you.

Patrick's Point State Park


We don't believe in austere eating regimens. Backpacking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform. Your body will dictate that you eat often. It's important to have fuel to feed it. See what we have planned to eat. Note that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you want to bring a big old chocolate cake, go for it. After carrying it 80 miles through the mountains, your body will most likely not desire the empty calories.

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.


The Redwood National Park Fitpacking Trip will be from August 5-16, 2006. Here is the proposed itinerary.

Who's Coming?

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Redwood Tree


$1100 per person double occupancy. Here, double occupancy means that you will share a tent with another trip participant. This isn't a requirement, but it will cut down on weight carried. PPDO also means that you will room with someone else during hotel nights.

You will also be responsible for transportation to and from Eureka, CA as well as any restaurant meals during off days.

Covered expenses include 2 nights in a hotel, trail food (3 meals per day), ground transportation, permits, satellite phone service, and two studly guides.


Our journey will begin at Patrick Point State Park on the California coast. We’ll backpack the California Coastal Trail up to Redwood National Park. From there, we'll venture into the park and hike up Redwood Creek and set up camp. We'll day-hike up to the Tall Trees Grove and Dolason Prairie, returning to the same camp. From there, we'll hike up to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, staying an extra night to day hike the park and Fern Canyon.

The next few days will take us on a road walk on Coastal Drive, a destination for stunning Pacific view. We'll then take a ferry ride across the Klamath River and head up past the Trees of Mystery to Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park through a 4 mile stretch of Virgin Redwood Forest.

The bulk of this trip will traverse the 1200 mile long California Coastal Trail (alternate link) which runs from Mexico to Oregon along the coast of California.