The Northville-Placid Trail

Page updated: 6/23/2006

The 130 mile long Northville-Placid Trail is located in Adirondack State Park in upstate New York. We will be hiking the Northern portion of trail on our week-long jaunt. Unlike most backpacking trails that summit every mountain they encounter, this trail snakes through valleys and low areas so that you're never too far from water and a swimming opportunity. Fewer hills means easier hiking so this is one of our easier trips to successfully complete. Not only that, and abundance of water means less weight in your pack, as water is one of the heaviest items we carry.

Duck Hole

Note: Insects may be active, so be prepared for them by bringing a headnet and deet (insect repellant). Also note that black bears may be active during this time, although they are typically very reclusive.


We don't believe in austere eating regimens. Backpacking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform. Your body will dictate that you eat often. It's important to have fuel to feed it. See what we have planned to eat. Note that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you want to bring a big old chocolate cake, go for it. After carrying it 60 miles through the mountains, your body will most likely not desire the empty calories therein.


The Adirondacks Fitpacking Trip will be from July 22-30, 2006. Here is the proposed itinerary. Here's the abbreviated route

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.

Who's Coming?

Here is a list of the participants so far. Why not get to know them before you meet them?


$725. This includes 20+ meals, ground transportation, and 2 nights in a hotel/motel/B&B. No tipping guides. You will be responsible for transportation to and from New York State, although carpooling opportunities may be available. You are also responsible for restaurant meals, phone calls, and incidentals.


We will be hiking North to South on the The Northville-Placid Trail. Here is the proposed route, complete with elevation, mileage, and campsites.

Maps will be available when we get to the trail.