"I came away feeling proud of myself. I had accomplished something worthwhile.***

Kindra W., Foothills Trail, 2006, Shenandoah National Park, 2011

"I've been hiking with Fitpacking for almost 5 years, did more than 10 trips, and I'm still absolutely in love with the service, the owner, and the guides. Apparently they know what they are doing…***

Kasia B., Arizona Trail, 2010, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2010, Florida Trail, 2011, Great Smoky Mountains, 2011, Hot Springs, 2011, Florida Trail, 2012, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2012, New Jersey Pine Barrens, 2012, Hot Springs, 2012, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2013, Joshua Tree National Park, 2013, Foothills Trail, 2013, Hot Springs, 2013, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2014, Great Smoky Mountains, 2014, Mount Rainier National Park, 2014, New Jersey Pine Barrens, 2014, Florida National Scenic Trail, 2015, Foothills Trail, 2015, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 2015, Hot Springs / Ouachita Trail, 2015, Los Padres National Forest, 2015, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2016, Joshua Tree National Park, 2016, Great Smoky Mountains, 2016, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2017, Lone Star Hiking Trail, 2017, Superstition Wilderness, 2017, Great Smoky Mountains LeConte Lodge, 2017

"My 2nd trip with Fitpacking was just as memorable as the first. I truly feel 'de-stressed'. Although I feel confident with the skills I have learned to do a solo trip, I think I would really miss the cameraderie of the people that Fitpacking attracts. I can hardly wait to sign up for another trip!***

Mary K., Mount Rainier National Park, 2011, Appalachian Trail GA, 2012, Great Smoky Mountains, 2013, Isle Royale National Park, 2014, East Coast Trail, 2015, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2016, Great Smoky Mountains LeConte Lodge, 2017

***Disclaimer required by Google: These are testimonials from our customers. We cannot guarantee that your experience, fitness gain or body composition transformation will in any way be the same as theirs. Just because they had something nice to say about Fitpacking, doesn't mean your experience won't be far, far inferior to theirs.