"I'm on my way to the size 6 - FPING is a huge part of that journey - I couldn't do it without you! You made me stronger physically and mentally - Thank you!

Kasia B., Arizona Trail, 2010, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2010, Florida Trail, 2011, Great Smoky Mountains, 2011, Hot Springs, 2011, Florida Trail, 2012, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2012, New Jersey Pine Barrens, 2012, Hot Springs, 2012, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2013, Joshua Tree National Park, 2013, Foothills Trail, 2013, Hot Springs, 2013, Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2014, Great Smoky Mountains, 2014, Mount Rainier National Park, 2014, New Jersey Pine Barrens, 2014

"I love the experience of 'earning' a view. Hiking for miles to get to a place very few people will ever see is something I treasure.

John M., Mount Rushmore National Park, 2011, Gila National Forest, 2013, Crater Lake National Park, 2014

"It's great on the trail. Your mind clears and you forget about that 'To Do' list that constantly nags at your guilty conscience when you are trying to relax at home!

Kim J., Shenandoah National Park, 2010, Redwood National Park, 2011, Rocky Mountain National Park, 2012, Patagonia, 2012, Sequoia / Kings Canyon, 2013, Mount Rainier National Park, 2013, Big Bend National Park, 2014, Mount Rainier National Park, 2014