Fitpacking Refer-A-Friend Program

Fitpacking announces a new program to save you money on your next trip. It’s called Refer-a-Friend. It’s simple. If someone you refer participates in a Fitpacking trip, you get $150 or $100 off your next (or concurrent) trip. The program works as follows:

Shenandoah National Park

Your Friend

  1. The friend can be a friend or relative or just about anyone.
  2. The friend must be someone who has had no previous communication with Fitpacking, including but not limited to e-mail, phone, Facebook or Twitter.
  3. When your friend signs up for their trip, they must put your name in the “Referred By” field.
  4. Your friend must pay for their trip in full, although if they happen to take advantage of another applicable discount such as a 3-day sale, that is considered paying in full.
  5. Your friend must take their trip either before you receive your discount, or concurrent with the trip in which you take your discount.


  1. This promotion is only open to Fitpacking alumni: Participants who have already paid for and taken a trip
  2. If your friend takes a 2 week trip, you receive $150 credit. If your friend takes a 1 week trip, you receive a $100 credit. If your friend takes a half week trip, you receive a $50 credit.
  3. Your Refer-a-Friend credit can be used in addition to your Frequent Hiker bonus
  4. You can use as many Refer-a-Friend credits as you want. If 3 friends take 1 week trips, you will receive $300 off your next trip
  5. If you refer enough friends to amass credits that are greater than the cost of your trip, Fitpacking will not pay you any difference. However, you can carry over these credits to another trip
  6. You can use your credit on the same trip your friend participates in, or one after, but not before they participate
  7. When you sign up, you must let Fitpacking know how much of your credit you’d like applied to your trip


  1. Credit is not transferrable
  2. This promotion may be discontinued at any time, however we will continue to honor the credits accrued to that date

Example: You went on the 2011 Canyonlands Trip in April (Frequent Hiker: $100) and sign up for the September 2011 Mt. Rainier Trip. You refer 3 friends to Fitpacking. One takes the August 2011 Yosemite Trip (Refer-a-Friend: $150), one joins you on the September 2011 Mt. Rainier Trip (Refer-a-Friend: $100), and one signs up for the November 2011 Hot Springs Trip ($0 -- trip not yet taken). Your Mt. Rainier Trip is discounted $350.

This promotion begins on June 4, 2011, but we reserve the right to change the terms or discontinue it at any time.

This promotion was changed on October 31, 2014 to include half week trips. We still reserve the right to change the terms or discontinue it at any time.