Packing List For Florida Trail, Ocala National Forest, FL, Jan 2015

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring. The list may seem long and daunting, but don't let that dissuade you. We may be able to suggest alternate options for you. For example, you may be able to borrow some equipment from friends of yours or rent certain items from an outdoor retailer.

We can provide certain major equipment for you for about $100 that goes primary to cover shipping costs (although people do sometimes break our stuff). We are not in the gear business so our stock is unpredictable and not necessarily ideal for your needs but they will do the job. These items are noted in the "CanProvide?" column below. Even some of the smaller items can be provided if you request them, but make sure to give us as much time as you can to fulfill the request.

The "Optional?" column means that you can get along without the item, but it still might be a really nice thing to have along on the trip. For example, if you forego Glove Liners and it happens to get really cold, you could put socks on your hands and stay reasonably warm, or you could just suck it up and have cold hands for the day.

The "Share" column means that the entire group should have this item, but that not every individual needs to. For example, it's a lot of extra weight for 10 people to each carry a big tube of sunblock. 4 people could bring sun block and share theirs while using somebody else's bug repellant.

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